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Benefits of The Gift Beta 

Release anxiety, fear and stress

from your mind and body

Release negative self-talk

that keeps you from having what you want

Find answers

to your personal problems 


when feeling tired

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Release Negative Feelings, Rapidly!

Let go of your negative feelings rapidly, and transform your problems.

Be it - stress, anxiety, fear, guilt, sadness, anger, loneliness... all is welcomed.

Transform your stressful and painful problems, at the root! 

Use tried-and-tested cutting-edge therapy and coaching processes to transform the root cause of your most painful problems.


Tap into your inner knowing
and find answers! 

Access your subconscious mind to receive empowering symbolic gifts to change your perception of your problem and find practical answers.

Create your new future

Teach your mind and body what it's like to live your desired outcome now.

With powerful "future-vision techniques" you'll be guided to create new neurological pathways in your brain and train your body how your desired future feels - as a result you'll change your state of being and become empowered to create your new future. 


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Real people
create positive changes
in real life 

For the first time ever you can transform the root cause of any negative feelings

like anxiety, fear and stress and find answers to your personal problems all in VR.

Let go of negative thoughts and feelings with an empowering self-guided coaching experience.

Try the beta coaching experience: "The Gift" today

“The Gift” is a powerful VR coaching experience based on

the  powerful Dynamic Spin Release (TM) coaching process

created by Kris Hallbom & Tim Hallbom,

two of the world's leading coaching experts.

Positive stories 
from real people
just like YOU

What might The Gift bring you?

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Sarah W.

I was battling with the grief of being shut out by a life-long friend...when using the app...I was able to receive the gift  of a mirror reflecting myself and my ability to be my own best friend and have compassion for my self that I felt was lacking. Since then, I have been far more at peace about the path I am on and feel more “whole” despite the losses I have recently faced...I think this will make a positive impact in therapy and personal settings.

Thank you for creating something amazing!

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Spiro B.

It absolutely changed my perspective about the situation...

I went from viewing this meeting as a threatening, unavoidable hindrance, to viewing it wholeheartedly as an opportunity and a gift. I was confident enough to share this perspective during the meeting, and I believe this perspective is permanent regarding this particular situation. It immediately made the meeting non-stressful and the lasting conditions of that meeting, now over a month later, [the situation] do not cause me any stress despite the fact that I live with [it] every day. I attribute this lasting peace to that one brief playthrough.

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Joe S.

 I was a bit skeptical about my own ability to benefit...[but] I was in awe of how tangible of an experience I had. Coincidentally, the stressor, anxiety, [and] fear I brought into the session actually became something I had to deal with in reality a few weeks later. I was appreciative to have received some clarity and peace about it beforehand, as it certainly helped me face the problem in real life.

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